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Ever since the first appearances of casinos all the way back in 17th century Venice or the first official gambling houses from Monaco in the 19th century the principles remain the same – people are unable to escape the seductive lure of that inborn impulse to enjoy the exciting rush of adrenaline caused by risky bets and casinos profit on this fact. Profits are of course being larger and larger as more and more people have access to gambling, and this is predominantly enabled by the ever growing world of internet.

Gambling games, .i.e. online casinos have made the transition from electronic and mechanical devices to virtual, global network mostly in the late 1990s and through 2000s, although this process is still happening as we speak. First appearances of online casino actually happened in 1995 and since then over 2000 of them have started their business in the highly profitable industry of online gambling.
Online casinos provide excellent gaming experience combined with secure and safe transactions, so it is no wonder that people visit them so much. They posses several advantages compared to the land-based casinos, for example elements like anonymity, mobility, etc. and also options to play for real or fake (virtual) money.
Obviously, somebody has to be in charge of all of this and the companies who provide platforms for online casinos are called software developers. There are dozens of them nowadays, but only those with tradition, immaculate history, and satisfied customers deserve to be called “the best in the business”.
Online-Casino-Software2And the real “primus inter pares” when it comes to suppliers of software for online casinos is – Microgaming. This is the oldest (1994) and the most popular developer and currently they provide software to over 70 casinos. Having their headquarters placed in the Isle Of Man this giant company keeps on breaking records when it comes to games, and as well as rewards also. On several occasions their games have broken the record for the biggest progressive jackpot online, and every time the winners have been paid out immediately and in full. Although they have lost a big piece of the market in 2008 when they declared that users from United States are no longer able to participate in their casinos because of the anti-internet gambling laws in US, Microgaming continues to be the leader in this market. They constantly improve the quality and performances of their games, adding big name trademarks under their supervision, like Batman or Lord of the Rings.
NeverFeltedAnother huge name in gaming industry is – Playtech, a company founded in 1999 which currently employs 3,500 people in ten countries. The games in online casinos that are running on platforms from this supplier are smooth, easy-to-play and very interesting. Online casinos from Playtech also prohibit and block all IP addresses coming from United States, but this fact does not mean they are low on customers, on the contrary. Whether you want to play a live dealer game, or a Flash-powered browser one, or maybe try out the downloadable version this software has it all.
Among other noteworthy names there are certainly Net Entertainment (NetEnt), Playtech, Amaya, Betsoft and many others, but all of them are engaged in a furious battle for customers and online gamblers. Competition is certainly tough but that should only mean that we will be provided with the best possible games.

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